What is Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando?

This a a weekly one hour live music show broadcast every Thursday from 7-8 PM to people that join the mailing list below and on YouTube. Normally there are two guests stars on each show plus the house band.

There are two great qualities about Live ‘n’ Kickin’. The first is the outstanding music performed by the guest stars. Normally these are originals performed  by an individual or group. All music types are showcased.

Secondly and very important, this show uses music as the great common denominator for joy. All kinds of people have performed together on the show; young, old, black, Hispanic, white, male, female, country, city, conservative, liberal, even banjo players. Yes, even banjo players. They all had a blast doing it. You can hear and see it each week. Please join us every Thursday at 7 PM.

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Almost all full time musicians earn a meager income. The pandemic has reduced the amount of live shows.   Gold Tone presents Live 'n' Kickin'  is an all volunteer show. These funds will go directly to the musicians that have no other support.

Please donate to https://www.gofundme.com/f/lnk-musician039s-relief-fund



This is a great site to connect musicians to venues and gigs, and build a fan base. Any musicians, venue or promoter can post their event for FREE if it is a scheduled confirmed gig open to the general public. SupportYourLocalBandFlorida

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David Roberts and the Sounds of Sinatra  October 1

David Roberts is a Sinatra stylist. Born in New York City, he has the look and feel of Sinatra right down to his blue eyes. He developed his passion for the Standards while working at Vines Grille & Wine Bar on Restaurant Row in Orlando for almost eleven years. He has also performed in many of the finer hotels, historical venues, restaurants and conventions in Florida. Mr. Roberts is as comfortable with swing and big band music as he is with Rat Pack Christmas songs come the holidays. He has made it his ambition to study the best phrasing and the best lyrics to hundreds of Sinatra tunes. David loves the music of The Great American Songbook and sings from the heart! He can perform solo or with many of the area’s finest jazz musicians.


Ravon "Steely" Rhoden   October 1

Ravon Rhoden, Also called “Steely” is from Montego Bay, Jamaica. home to Many great musicians. 
Ravon is a very keen and energetic steel pan musician who boasts nineteen (19) years experience in his field. Now a soloist. 

Ravon stems from being a band leader and musical arranger, Ravon learned to play this unique instrument under the hands of the late Errol Caseley and has been entertaining patrons and audiences from the tender age of eleven (11).  

Ravon began his professional career in 2009, established his own Steel band (Jamaica Rhythms). 

Ravon has risen massively throughout 2012 and is known for thrilling audiences with dynamic performances and can be found performing on Major Cruise ships Around the world. 

Ravon is also a very thorough and detailed steel pan tutor and these Online lessons can also be sourced online. 

Ravon holds an extensive repertoire of 3000+ songs inclusive of Reggae, Calypso, R&B, Latin, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop and Soul music. They are highly influenced by musical icons such as Bob Marley, the beatles and Michael Jackson just to name a few. 
He has a strong passion for music and has graced the international stage with his Steel drums and his unique way of musicality. 

Internationally, Ravon has worked 7 years for top companies like the Disney cruises and Holland America cruises and celebrity cruises 

Now currently lives in orlando, and in very high demand, ravon plays locally on a daily basis throughout florida doing all kinds of events such as: weddings ,corporate, events,festivals,Luau parties


David Roberts/Ravon

Gold Tone Presents Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando

McIntyre Celtic Band/Dennis Gallo

Gold Tone Presents Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando

Beartoe/Alien Witch

Gold Tone Presents Live 'n' Kickin' Orlando

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