Episode 80: Nicole Equerme, guitar/Blew Wayle (Dale New and Marcus Peeler), guitar, cajon https://youtu.be/LUUP7pbCUfo

Episode 79: Little Lazy Band, electric guitar, drums/Dave Hillebrandt, guitar https://youtu.be/ZsDqmXdsUpQ

Episode 78: Big Tiki and the Mai Tais, gut bucket (wash tub), ukulele, tenor guitar/Jeff Letrourneau, guitar  https://youtu.be/0FB1rnkQADo

Episode 77: Byrne Brothers, button accordion, banjo, bodhran, whistle, guitar/J. Lily, guitar https://youtu.be/JG3Z73RhkE4

Episode 76: Kitchen Killaz, guitars/David Mander, guitar   https://youtu.be/dRUuVNNzw_8

Episode 75: Diamond Dixie, guitar, banjo/Dale New and Marcus Peeler, guitar, cajon https://youtu.be/YLJjfNrru8g

Episode 74: Hal Meyers and Jesse Allen Porter, banjo, guitar, fiddle/ Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, bass, banjo https://youtu.be/Ra9shv1Uv4w

Episode 73:  Ricky Melendy and the Milk Bandits, guitar, bass, cajon/ Marcus Peeler, cajon and backing tracks  https://youtu.be/KpbmgxzhE3E

Episode 72:  Dennie and the Jets, electric guitar, keytar/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, bass, backing tracks https://youtu.be/8PL-v9aBpbM

Episode 71: J.J. Smith, guitar/McIntyre Celtic Band, fiddle, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, percussion https://youtu.be/zfiOSplWKNI

Episode 70: Tom Cooper, guitar/Dane Colbert, guitar https://youtu.be/HTvGbkl9wsw

Episode 69: Hard to Port, guitar, fiddle, flute, bass/Kilted Cowboy Keith, guitar, bass https://youtu.be/31CthiWzmh4

Episode 68: Lauren Carder Fox, guitar, drum machine/ Coming Home, guitar https://youtu.be/EHZdV_fnW_c

Episode 67: The Skylark Band, guitars, bass, drums/Luke Crescenzi, guitar https://youtu.be/CYF4Yzt9zU8

Episode 66: Logan Belle, guitar/ David Mander, guitar


 Episode 65: Theolodge, backing tracks/Rick Horton, guitar  https://youtu.be/_KfN1BwCkUo

Episode 64: Chase Shellee Band, guitar, bass, saxophone, drums/ Big Ron Betts: guitar  https://youtu.be/sXB7NnBboGo

Episode 63: Sound Theory: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/ Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar, bass https://youtu.be/mJi0lE2KM3I

Episode 62:  Mongo Wolf: guitars/ Richard Lynch: guitar/ Amanda Lyn: guitar https://youtu.be/9MVHoWE9_J4

Episode 61: Steve Tedesco: guitar/ Gypsy Elise: keyboards https://youtu.be/ywfk3R7-I0Q

Episode 60:  Chris Fannin: guitar/ Right On Key: vocals  only      https://youtu.be/gY4atdV5yCU

Episode 59: Randy Seedorf: guitar/ The Juniper Club: guitar, fiddle, upright bass  https://youtu.be/g8TkogfEg8o 

 Episode 58: Hot Tin Roof Band: guitars, bass, drums/ Jeff Letourneau: guitars, bass  https://youtu.be/jbPXQtGnFZo

 Episode 57: Theolodge: backing tracks/ Lonnie Hardesty & Friends: guitar, bodram, psaltry and recorder  https://youtu.be/stHxMNfUNUw

Episode 56: Lovacaine: backing tracks/ David Mander: guitar https://youtu.be/ZpWZD4mufVs

 Episode 55: Dr. Paul: guitar/ KitchenKillaz: guitars  https://youtu.be/gZiKcVRsYII

 Episode 54: J. Lilley: guitar/ Amanda Lyn: guitar https://youtu.be/1QQ5F87mxrg

Episode 53: May Tatro: guitar/ Med.V.Sin: backing tracks https://youtu.be/XhJ6tfOHtn8

Episode 52: Patrick Moreno Band: keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums/Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar  https://youtu.be/MdDBOEifo-E

 Episode 51: David Tanner: guitar/Calliope Trace: guitars https://youtu.be/fDfPPT40EGI

Episode 50: The Swamp Donkeys: guitar, bass, keyboards, sax, drums and djembe/ Brandon McClure: guitar  https://youtu.be/3uOA_fQPbSY

 Episode 49: Justin Mason and Blue Light: fiddle, guitar, madolin, banjo and upright bass/Kelly Jarrard: guitar and electric bass https://youtu.be/8knCc3nhWRQ

Episode 48: Road Metal: guitar, bass, drums/Hard to Port: guitar, GT tenor banjo, fiddle and Irish Whistle https://youtu.be/NmDKVhHjSB4

Episode 47: Dennie and the Jets: guitar and keytar/Big Ron Betts:  acoustic guitar https://youtu.be/nDPAJ__PF74

 Episode 46:  Rohan Reid: electric bass/ David Mander: Acoustic guitar https://youtu.be/wpKYP2ehMvA

 Episode 45: Grave Return:  2 electric guitars, bass, drums/ Bullet Dodgers: electric guitar, bass, drums https://youtu.be/xIesFbXZ-5s

Episode 44: The Trees of Life: ukulele, electric guitar bass, djembe, cajon/ Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar  https://youtu.be/6XbrxwTk8f8

Episode 43:  Joshua Keels: guitar/ David Mander: guitar https://youtu.be/Byca5RtTG-I

 Episode 42: 2AMature: electric guitar, bass, drums/ Hard Drive: electric guitar, bass, drums  https://youtu.be/k6Ku66eaXjY

Episode 41: 5TimesShag: electric guitar, bass, drums/David Mander: guitar https://youtu.be/5_XsjrxnOI4

Episode 40:  Beartoe: guitar/ Alien Witch: guitar  https://youtu.be/W5cZBr3ur_s

Episode 39:  McIntyre Celtic Band: fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, upright bass, cajon/ Dane Colbert: guitar https://youtu.be/n8ozlpEbPd8

 Episode 38:  David Roberts and the Sounds of Sinatra: keyboards, upright bass/ Ravon "Steely" Rhoden:  steel drums https://youtu.be/8NZxQndDjQY

502 Fallen Angel Radio Interview and songs from January - June Collection:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/eag0oa1ovdbhrmp/Interview%20With%20Bruse%20Andersen%20September%2025.mp3?dl=0

 Episode 37: Luke Crecenzi: guitar/ Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar https://youtu.be/z_n9Z64OBpY

Episode 36:  Jonny Magill: guitar/Mud Rooster: guitar https://youtu.be/SyiMSyhjDJg

Episode 35: The Deadlanders: 2 electric guitars, bass, drums/NightBliss: synth drums and Korg micro x synth machine, guitar, harmonica https://youtu.be/75vnX8X-Uqk

Episode 34:  Fat City Band: Guitar and bass/ David Mander: Guitar https://youtu.be/T7Gq9aN3jMA

Episode 33: Carol Keck & Bruce Coale: harmonica, guitar/Dave Hillebrande: guitar https://youtu.be/H_l7EyYpOtw

Episode 32: Jeff Accornero, guitar/ Andrew Rickman and the No Pressure Band: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, jimba https://youtu.be/-DaU6jKLrJA

Episode 31: Kilted Cowboy Keith: guitar / Joseph & Gabrielle Harrison: guitar  https://youtu.be/N9wz0J0-P7Q

 Episode 30: Thomas Watkins: guitar/ Pompano Pete and the Fog Band: cigar box guitar, electric guitars, and upright electric bass. https://youtu.be/6xybJig3fYE

Episode 29:  Tom & Mark: guitar/ Big Ron Betts: guitar https://youtu.be/-q2SZ3mTcDQ

Episode 28: The Freightliners: guitar, upright bass, banjo and mandolin /Matt Sams Band: guitar, electric bass and drums   https://youtu.be/Tpldx21Qrw0

 Episode 27: Antony Leon: guitar, dobro/Raging Sun: guitar, keyboards, snare, bass, drums, cut short for unknown reasons at 8:40 https://youtu.be/RF4O8Ng_9Rw

Episode 26: Tom Cooper: solid body guitar/ Wade Williams: guitar, Greg Holt: Fiddle  https://youtu.be/tL-CF4Nc9FY

January - June Collection:  12 songs from the first 25 episodes. https://youtu.be/KpdlFB99Mik

Episode 25: Quinn Shaw: guitar/Neil Young Tribute: guitar https://youtu.be/sdxWZ5sqKLc

 Episode 24: Logan Belle: guitar/ Amanda Lyn: guitar https://youtu.be/3o3aMJpVjE0

Episode 23:  Randy Ryals: guitar/POA Trio: Piano and bass https://youtu.be/L0h57WNfZFw

Episode 22: Blazing Sands: guitar, cajon/Paul Vernon: guitar, 12 string guitar https://youtu.be/FbtSh-Zk-iM

Episode 21: Jimi Pappas: guitar/ Justin Orlow: guitar    https://youtu.be/xPsONWYUyQ0    

 Episode 20:  Catfish Dinner Band: guitar, upright bass, pedal steel/ Mongo Wolf: guitars  https://youtu.be/MWoQzsR7-8M

Episode 19:  Mike Lynch: guitar/ The Cyclones: guitar, upright bass, mandolin, congas https://youtu.be/asOW2xlrJCs

 Episode 18: Accidentally on Purpose: cocktail drums, electric guitar, 6 string bass, acoustic guitar, slide, harmonica/Elizabeth Ward and Danny Murphy: acoustic guitar and 6 string bass https://youtu.be/GOYMokOSQMw

Episode 17: Steve Tedesco: guitar/ Kitchen Killaz: guitars  https://youtu.be/pf_coMUXVFI

 Episode 16: Gypsy Elise and Ryan: keyboard/Lonnie Hardesty  & Family: guitar, bodhran, psaltry and recorder https://youtu.be/5HmZTCT4TXs

Episode 15: Elizabeth Ward: guitar, ukulele/Neil Young Tribute: guitar https://youtu.be/yteRgq73fkQ

 Episode 14: Amanda Lyn: guitar/ Chris Fannin: guitar https://youtu.be/mMRKX4u3zWo

Episode 13: Mark Smith: guitar/ Shayne Rammler: guitar  https://youtu.be/8BsWBtG6IQc

 Episode 12: Dane Colbert: guitar/Neil Young Tribute: guitar https://youtu.be/sG3PvnwBvsc

Episode 11: Bret Messer: guitar/Big Ron Betts:guitar https://youtu.be/4Ay8kpjaFFI

Episode 10: Justin McLeod: guitar/Celery City String Band: guitars, fiddles, banjo, mandolin, spoons https://youtu.be/ltQ5uhUC3b0

Episode 9: Hard to Port: guitar, GT tenor banjo, fiddle and Irish whistle  https://youtu.be/N2VBz-mK1t4

Episode 8: Run Raquel: guitar, drums/Trees of Life:  ukulele, bass, djembe, drums  https://youtu.be/4E04P3QNv5Q

Episode 7: Mud Rooster: upright bass & acoustic guitar/  Big Tiki and the Mai Tais: washtub bass and ukuleles  https://youtu.be/fUcFoNodNEM

Episode 6: Bloody Jug Band, guitar, mandolin, washtub, cajon, floor tom, washboard, and jug  https://youtu.be/VauLJIgU2bg

Episode 5: Bobby Sanders, acoustic guitar  https://youtu.be/aeiHdq3imEc

Episode 4:  John Lazar, acoustic guitar/Frank Stagliano, acoustic guitar  https://youtu.be/GHepX6QlZT0

Episode 3:  Joe &Katie Waller, acoustic guitar, fiddle and saw/Joanne Ritter https://youtu.be/-Gi33btkbLc

Episode 2:  Amy Robbins Trio, acoustic guitar, saxaphone, upright electric bass/Luis Garcia, acoustic guitar  https://youtu.be/7AGfeitcRkE

Episode 1:  Bret Messer, Acoustic Guitar/Pompano Pete &Tom Collella, harmonica, cigar box guitar and acoustic guitar  https://youtu.be/RIg_PmP6Jfk

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